Guiding individuals and organizations from FEAR TO FREEDOM

Fear hides behind many faces. Freedom is living your highest potential, living from your mindful awareness and making healthy choices in the service of your whole self.  Freedom is the ability to stop, to reflect and to have the courage to receive and discern all voices while standing in your deepest wisdom.  We open to sharing deeply, to being intimate, to being connected.  Of course, we may have some fear, yet we know we are safe enough to let go, be in the flow, and make a friend with the unknown. Every crisis can become an opportunity.

With decades of training and hands-on experience as a psychologist, coach, motivational speaker, and teacher, I offer a unique spectrum of in-person and online services for personal and professional growth. Learn more about me.


Life Unlimited: The Center for Human Transformation, invites you on a transformational journey, shifting from FEAR to FREEDOM.  Learn more about webinars, workshops, and services.