Individual Psychotherapy

You may not know why you feel as you do, but you know there's something better...

In her unique one-on-one work with clients and patients, Dr. Lynda Klau brings an integrative approach to individual psychotherapy that is founded upon the belief that we are all intrinsically whole.  

The premise of her work is that the more you learn to accept all of who you are and to recover your deepest self, you evolve into your fullest potential.  Rather than "fix" you, she will partner with you to become increasingly aware of and resolve your issues and obstructions.

Couples Counseling

Perhaps you have been in counseling, therapy or coaching for yourself, however, building a thriving relationship or repairing a troubled one, requires a new kind of learning...

For more than two decades, Dr. Lynda Klau, Founder and Director of Life Unlimited, has helped numerous couples heal and strengthen their relationships.  

In her unique and holistic approach, she partners with a couple to bring awareness to the issues between you, and then teaches you tools to resolve the problems and learn to love (again).  Her approach is founded upon the belief that when you begin to accept all of who you both are, and recover and recognize your deepest selves, each of you evolves into your fullest potential and the relationship blossoms beyond your wildest dreams.

As you work with Dr. Lynda Klau, you will:

  • Reclaim the safety and trust that's been lost

  • Rediscover yourself and your partner

  • Understand your early experiences with attachment, and how those play out in your relationship now

  • Learn how to communicate productively

  • Listen and speak from your heart

  • Realize when your own issues are getting in the way

  • See and feel your partner as your best friend and supporter

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You have the power to fix what’s not working. I have helped countless marriages couples learn how to love again. You can reclaim the passion and love you once had.
— Lynda Klau Ph.D.