Conversational Intelligence

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We are born to connect. It’s in our biology, our collective history, our culture, our family. Conversational Intelligence is the basis for thriving relationships.

Yet so many of us have trouble communicating. One might be anywhere on the Conversational Intelligence spectrum. At our worst, we hold back, we build walls, we don’t respect others who are different, we are afraid to share and be vulnerable, we judge harshly. We don’t feel seen and we don’t see others. Our relationships suffer deeply.

You can learn communication skills and claim or reclaim the joy of connecting, relating, and collaborating. High Conversational Intelligence is the ability to respectfully listen, and not take things personally. It is about loud listening to the whole of the other from the whole of yourself.

How many of the statements below describe you?

  • You don’t listen. You want to talk, more than listen.
  • You pretend you know rather than ask questions.
  • You are addicted to the right-wrong, blame game.
  • Typically, you say one thing with words, and another thing with your body and feelings.
  • You are quick to react, and don’t pause to take a breath, and respond from your wiser self.

Working to develop your Conversational Intelligence is a process. Lynda will partner with you to:

  • Go beyond yourself and have the intention to really respect and be with other people, and resolve issues.
  • Listen from your heart and body, not just your mind.
  • Be willing to be open and vulnerable, to yourself and each other.
  • Have the courage to speak your truth, kindly and without attack.
  • Have the intention to come to mutual understandings, and discover innovative, creative new solutions that are larger than any individual. 

About Lynda:

Using a combination of coaching, neuroscience, and psychological tools, Lynda can help you learn the art and science of communication and conversation. In addition to being a speaking coach, she is a licensed psychologist, a professional speaker, and a business and life coach. She's been trained in conversational leadership, speaking circles, transformational speaking and neuroscience as well. Lynda integrates all of these modalities for your success. There are many cutting edge tools she will draw upon, including your breath, your voice, your non-verbal communication, and more. 

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