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Couples Counseling

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Perhaps you have been in counseling, therapy, or coaching for yourself. however, building a thriving relationship, or repairing a troubled one, requires a new kind of learning.




Our present relationships are deeply influenced by our earliest love maps. Attachment styles that we formed growing up in our families are etched into ourselves and our way of relating to the world. The more we becomes aware of what is carried from the past into the present, the more we are free to develop truly healthy relationships in all walks of life.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements?

  • "We've lost our safety and trust."
  • "We argue all the time."
  • "The 'spark' is gone."
  • “We feel more like roommates than lovers."
  • "I'm afraid to deeply connect with my partner."
  • "Our relationship feels so superficial; we don't talk about anything that really matters."

For more than two decades, Lynda has helped numerous couples through her services. She offers a unique, holistic, integrative, "body-mind-spirit" neuroscience approach to counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching, founded upon the belief that we are all intrinsically whole. Rather than "fixing" you or your relationship, she will partner with both of you. Becoming increasingly aware of the issues between you and your partner, she will help you resolve problems and learn to love (again). The more you learn to accept all of who you both are, and to recover your deepest selves, the more each of you will evolve into your fullest potential, allowing the relationship to blossom.  

At our core, we are all social beings: we want to love and be loved. Yet so many of us struggle with issues that block our love from freely flowing. Relationships can be a source of great healing and transformation. If we can overcome the blocks that get in the way of forming healthy and lasting connections, we can open a door to great love and growth. Love and relationships are fundamental to our well-being and to the joy of living. 

Working with Lynda, you will learn how to:

  • Discover the lasting effects of your early attachment patterns and what you learned about relationships when you were young.
  • Rediscover yourself and your partner.
  • Reclaim the safety and trust that's been lost.
  • Learn how to listen and speak from your heart.

You can resolve past hurts and conflicts, learn how to connect deeply, re-establish trust if necessary, and rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place. 

You can reclaim the passion and love you once had. 

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You have the power to fix what’s not working. I have helped countless couples learn how to love again.
— Lynda