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Fear of Public Speaking & Communication

An Integrative, Holistic, Neuroscience Approach

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  • Are you afraid of public speaking?
  • Do you know so much more than what comes out of your mouth?
  • Is your fear holding you back from your success?
  • Do you secretly long to be authentic and flow in the moment, whether you are speaking with one or 1000 people?

There is a solution!


Learn how to move beyond your fear and become an authentic, empowered speaker and communicator who truly touches and is touched by others...

You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate your ideas, it doesn’t matter.
— Steve Jobs

Public speaking is more than giving a speech; it is about your communication skills. It is about your ability to listen and to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is about becoming aware of your challenges and knowing what you want for yourself, knowing your strengths and discovering what you are willing to do to have your unique voice heard in the world. You are more than what you think or feel. You will learn how to be an authentic and empowered speaker and communicator who truly touches and is touched by others! 

Lynda offers: One-on-One Speaking Coaching Sessions for Individuals in Person and on Skype.

Learn the secrets:

  • How to Heal the Roots of your Fears
  • How to Speak from a Calm, Authentic and Empowered Place
  • How to Speak from The Present Moment
  • How to Connect and Listen

Expect breakthroughs!  Being a great public speaker is a core capability of success.

About Lynda:

In addition to being a speaking coach, Lynda is a licensed psychologist, a professional speaker, and a business and life coach. When she works, she integrates all of these modalities so you can succeed, using a variety of cutting edge tools to draw upon. She has helped stutterers learn to talk smoothly and to sing profoundly; she has seen people move out of their heads and into the wholeness of their bodies, minds and spirits, speaking from an authentic source within; she has watched people have the courage to stand in front of others, naked with fear, experiencing that fear lose its power. Anything is possible when you are able to feel connected to yourself, your audience and to the moment. Lynda meets you in this moment and together you deal with whatever comes up, unleashing what you truly wish to communicate.


For a more business-focused approach, Lynda also offers Public Speaking training for Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Executives. Click Here to view those services.