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Mindfulness Meditation Course

Mindful breathing is a simple and profound tool for relieving stress, burn out, and anxiety.

Want to live and work from your calm, creative center and develop your empowered, authentic voice? Learn Mindful Breathing! We can’t change any other automatic response in our body when we get triggered; however, we can change our breathing by learning new behaviors. You can use this tool for as little as three minutes a day to make a difference. 

After participating in this course, you will:

  • Become Breath Aware: Do you hold your breath?, Are you a shallow breather?, Do you have a short exhale?, etc.
  • Recognize when you are overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out, or anxious.
  • Be able to quickly calm yourself down and return to your creative center.
  • Have a tool that maximizes your oxygenation, which is vital for mental and physical well-being.
  • Fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.
  • Develop your relaxed exhale and be increasingly able to let go in both body and mind.

Mindful Breathing is focused on developing your relaxed exhale as a way of maximizing proper breathing, which cultivates your empowered, authentic voice. It is influenced by the Breathing Coordination work of Carl Stough.

I loved and found very valuable every aspect of the webinar you offered last night. You are a wonderful presenter: clear, authentic, relaxed, warm and terrific use of humor.
— Executive Coach, NYC
The breathing exercise was amazing. It made me realize how TIGHT I’ve been all my life. In a sense, I’ve never really given myself the opportunity to REALLY let go. To live with spontaneity, curiosity & wonder…
— CEO, Furniture Store