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The Center for Human Possibility


Lynda invites you to join a growing COMMUNITY

Forged by a shared resolve to FLOURISH

Inspired to shift from fear to FREEDOM

Dedicated to personal and professional EVOLUTION

LIFE UNLIMITED: The Center for Human Possibility is a holding space and learning center that allows for the possibility and opportunity to evolve. Through her workshops & webinars, and through her transformative work with individuals, couples, professionals and organizations, Lynda is committed to building a powerful community for healing and change.


Freedom is living your highest potential, living from your mindful awareness and making healthy choices in the service of your whole self.  Freedom is the ability to stop, to reflect and to have the courage to receive and discern all voices while standing in your deepest wisdom.  We open to sharing deeply, to being intimate, to being connected.  Of course, we may have some fear, yet we know we are safe enough to let go, be in the flow, and make a friend with the unknown. Every crisis can become an opportunity.

Today so many of us knowingly and unknowingly live in fear. While fear has served our survival, it limits us and keeps us playing small. It keeps us from working creatively and collaboratively while living passionately. Fear hides behind many faces. It stops us from knowing our deepest desires and demons while appearing to keep us safe and in control. Fear drives us to violate ourselves, close our eyes and be a people pleaser. It stops us from discovering the power of openness and intimacy with friends, family, lovers and ourselves.  Fear closes our hearts.

Fear also stops us in organizations and professions when we lack courage to access our authentic voice, have real conversations and create an environment that fosters creativity and wellbeing for all human beings as well as the business or organization.

Since fear can manifest in all aspects of living and working, all of our offerings at Life Unlimited address the journey From Fear to Freedom in one aspect or another. Using an integrated, holistic, body-mind-spirit, neuroscience approach, Dr. Lynda Klau, trained as a psychologist, coach, and speaker—founder and director of Life Unlimited offers a wide spectrum of services to serve you personally and professionally.    


Whether you are looking for a therapist, need help with a relationship, craving professional and personal development, or strategizing how to strengthen and grow your business- let's make this journey together.

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Our past is not our potential. . . One by one, we can re-choose- to awaken. To leave the prison of our conditioning, to love, to turn homeward. To conspire with and for each other.
— Marilyn Ferguson