Public Speaking & Communication Intelligence™ 

Coaching for Individuals, Business Executives, and Organizations

Imagine that you belong to a world that is designed for you to speak powerfully and to be listened to consciously. Feel the possibilities: for dialogue, collaboration, and creativity.
— Lynda Klau, Ph.D.

FEAR of Authentic Public Speaking and Real Communication?

  • Do you know so much more than what comes out of your mouth?
  • Do you long to connect with your own opinion and creativity?
  • Do you secretly long to speak freely and with authenticity, whether you are speaking with one or 1000 people?
  • Is your fear holding you back from your success?

Working with you I will walk beside you, and you will:

  • Learn to utilize cutting-edge neuroscience to become a masterful and authentic communicator.
  • Develop real confidence and self-esteem.
  • Translate your thoughts and feelings into authentic and powerful words.
  • Heal the roots of your fears.
  • Experience speaking from a calm, authentic and empowered place.
  • Create effective ways to rehearse.

Are you looking to MASTER your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills at work?

  • Are you moving up the ladder and need to do more speaking?
  • Do you want to be more persuasive and inspiring?
  • Do you want to facilitate your team with outstanding communication intelligence™?
  • Do you long to be the kind of leader that creates honest and spirited collaboration, creating the most innovative results?

Public speaking is more than giving a speech; it is about your communication skills and your Communication Intelligence™. It is about your ability to heart-mind listen and to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is about your courage to speak your heart-mind truth. Using your authentic voice and being a masterful communicator is necessary for true success in business and in life. Whether you are a novice or seasoned speaker, there is always a next step you can grow into. Together we can identify your strengths, goals and visions as well as your challenges to help you manifest your unique strengths.

I can help you:

  • Learn how to tell a story so that it is long remembered and touches people deeply.
  • Sense what each unique audience needs and wants to hear.
  • Craft a speech with a beginning, a middle, an end and a strong call to action.
  • Learn how to tactfully and directly bring up the elephant in the room, becoming masterful at saying the “hard things”.
  • Use your Communication Intelligence™ to ask questions and heart-mind listen.
  • Develop body awareness and learn how in its own way, your body speaks.
  • Experience and practice the latest in body awareness, breathing, mental self-talk, and mindfulness. 

About Me:

In addition to being a speaking coach, I am a licensed psychologist, a professional speaker, and a business and life coach. I’ve been trained in conversational leadership and neuroscience as well. When I work with you on your fear of public speaking, presentation skills and communicating, I integrate all of these modalities for your success. There are many cutting edge tools we can draw upon such as your breath, your voice and your non-verbal communication. What is your body is saying? What is your energy communicating? I will help you learn how to listen to your audience so that you are creating a dialogue (even though the audience is not necessarily speaking) rather than a monologue. How can you be increasingly authentic and in the present moment? I will help you to ask the hard questions at a business meeting and to disagree with the CEO or the majority with integrity. There are many real ways, from inside-out, that you can transform your fear and become a profound and inspiring speaker and communicator.