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Self-Esteem & Our "Inner Critic"

At our core, we’re social beings: we want to love and be loved. Yet sometimes, something stops us from fully loving, accepting, and cherishing ourselves. We often victimize ourselves and others. Reclaim the love you know you deserve, and watch your life blossom both inside and out...


Experience true self-confidence and what it means to "fall in love with me."



Do you recognize any of these voices?

  • "My mind never stops putting me down."
  • "I live with an 'inner critic' that I just can’t shake off."
  • "I'm outwardly successful and have achieved much, but I still lack true self-confidence."
  • "I've taken several self-help workshops and have read many books, but I still don't truly love or accept myself; I've given up."
  • "I'm afraid of the real feelings that are going on inside of me." 
  • "I'm tired of treating others better than I treat myself." 
  • "I don't want to be too scared to be the real me." 
  • "I’m determined to love myself, just the way I am." 

Lynda's work is founded on the belief that each of us has within us the instinctive drive toward greater health, wellness, and freedom. At the same time, we all have limiting life experiences that keep us stuck.  Lynda will work with you to quiet these critical voices and find your whole self love.

Working with Lynda, you will:

  • experience a calm mind.
  • build true self-confidence.
  • find the courage to discover and change your negative beliefs and thoughts about yourself. 
  • free yourself from victimization and live with a powerful anchor of self-love.
  • create more loving relationships with others as you increasingly love yourself. 
  • increasingly embrace all of your feelings and develop a place of calm strength.
  • discover and love the whole of who you are – body, mind, and spirit.
..the most important aspect of our work is that it enabled me to realize how precious I am.
— Founder and Director, Communication Training