Freedom Breath & Voice Work with Dr. Lynda Klau

Lynda Klau Ph.D., the founder and director of Life Unlimited: The Center for Human Possibility, is a psychologist, coach and speaker. She uses a holistic, integrative breath body-mind, neuroscience approach in all the work she does with individuals, couples, businesses. Freedom Voice and Breath Work is for you-personally and professionally-if you want to connect with yourself, to others and to life, find your passion and have the courage to manifest it. It supports in changing the way you do business, reducing your fear of public speaking, increasing your communication and relationship intelligence, increasing your self-esteem and empowerment, and shifting from fear-based living to freedom.

Workshop Description:

In this workshop Lynda will teach you a simple cumulative approach that you will be able to use on your own. 

  • You will increasingly live on the relaxed exhale: the key to full and free breathing.
  • Learn to let go in the body-mind!
  • Increase oxygenation in the brain, body, mind; relax muscles and nerves; reduces stress and fear; increase focus and authenticity
  • Your voice will descend into your body; you will come into your real and authentic voice and self.
  • You will come into your center and the present moment.
  • And more…

It is a perfect compliment to being mindful. The workshop is primarily experiential. It is for everyone. There will be time for discussion and sharing.

Fees and Payment:

Scroll down to sign up. You may sign up for one or both sessions.

The two In-Person workshops are three weeks apart giving you time to practice, see where you are and an opportunity to take a second workshop to review and go deeper.

The fee for each In-Person workshop in NYC is $50. Please register and pay online to secure your spot in the workshop.

 Any Questions? Feel invited to contact Lynda directly @ 1.212.595.7373.

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Friday,  October 23rd from  6-7:30pm in Manhattan


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Sign up below for In-Person FREEDOM BREATH AND VOICE WORK Workshop

Saturday,  November 14th from  2-3:30pm in Manhattan


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