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Working with Lynda is a powerful and transformative experience. Here are a few of the many beautiful success stories from Life Unlimited: The Center for Human Possibility.

"I loved and found very valuable every aspect of the webinar you offered last night. You are a wonderful presenter: clear, authentic, relaxed, warm and terrific use of humor."
— Executive Coach, NYC
"The breathing exercise was amazing. it made me realize how TIGHT I've been all my life. In a sense, I've never really given myself the opportunity to REALLY let go. To live with spontaneity, curiosity & wonder . . . "
— CEO, Furniture Store
"Lynda, your workshop was the outstanding hit of the evening. The only disappointment was that the participants couldn't spend more time learning with a real pro."     
— Executive Director, International Organization
"The format and organization of the workshop was perfect. I was profoundly moved and experienced a deep sense of connection. Lynda You are a master; inspiring, supportive, a midwife of the soul. You are what you teach."   
— Author, Clinical Psychologist
"I feel fabulous. My head feels clear, my innerness feels spacious, I feel connected to my cells, I have an uplift, and there is a wonderful tingling sensation...a feeling of active life force in me. Thank you for the gift of this new awareness.”
— Clinical Psychologist
"I am a 911 survivor. In working with you Lynda, both in coaching and psychotherapy, I not only put myself back together (after literally falling apart) but I discovered my deepest wisdom and a love of self I never really knew I had. My life, in all ways, has been changed forever both personally and professionally. Many personal transformations unfolded and I became the leader I always knew I was and could be at work.   Now, I am on my way to making the professional changes needed to realize a truly inspired life where love, relationships, money and success all flow in abundance for me and others. I have no doubt that my life's direction and expression were profoundly altered as a result my time with you. Even my somewhat skeptical husband (who has a M.D. and Ph.D.) came to hold you in high regard and recognized you are masterful guide and a true asset for anyone looking to embark on the path of self-realization. Thank you."  
— Fortune 100, Marketing Executive
"Having worked with Lynda over several months, I learned that I could maintain and reclaim my integrity within my interpersonal business relationships. Lynda coached me on my commitment to my own truth, which ended up in me receiving a customer check in my mailbox from a previously uncollectible account. Listening deeply and intelligently, Lynda provided a true gift to me in making sure that my own voice was heard in the world."    
— ICF Master Certified Coach
". . . And once I could be who I truly am, my life became a joyous adventure instead of a frightening journey. My relationships with my friends and family flourished and deepened, my income doubled, I found hobbies I could become passionate about, and I fell in love and married a wonderful man. No, my life is not perfect and the journey is not without its bumps. But I love living it, mostly because Lynda helped me to above all, love myself."  
— CEO, Marketing Company
"The key area I was coached in our 15 months of working together was my leadership abilities to manage a diverse team and organize a large professional event. Lynda supported me in strongly taking a stand for what I believed in. She encouraged me in having many difficult communications by coaching me to move through my underlying fears and limiti8ng beliefs and finding in what I wanted to say. The results for me was that I felt very empowered and much more authentic than ever before. Lynda helped me to find my voice."  
— ICF Master Certified Coach
"We participated in couple coaching with you for 5 years. We had recently been married and my husband and I decided to use coaching as a guideline to our marriage to assist us in making our dreams come true. It was such a positive experience we coached with Lynda for many years."  
— IT Consultant, New York


"Your greatest talent is your living your truth with integrity. You are a model for what you teach. I model myself on your presence and your outstanding listening skills. You are there and in the moment at all times. That is very special."    

 — Global Organizational Development Consultant

"I believe that the work Dr. Klau is offering to others like myself is of great value to both the individual and to business. As more corporate leaders learn that they have souls that need to be nurtured and guided so too will they come to realize that businesses have souls that require the same. Dr. Klau is a unique and talented contributor in this effort and I recommend her and her company, Life Unlimited, to you with great appreciation."      
— CEO, Green Cleaning Company


"...the most important aspect of our work is that it enabled me to realize how precious I am. That despite the struggles and challenges of external life, at my core was of fountain of everlasting strength, joy and peace. Though many years have passed since then I continue to discover richness."      

— National Corporate Trainer